Established in 1987 by citizens, business people and public employees, this non-profit corporation exists for the purpose of helping support public education, research and capital improvement programs at the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. The Reserve, established in 1980 as the 8th within the National Estuarine Research Reserve System, (now numbering 28 throughout the nation) is Washington State’s only Reserve. It is sited on land that was formerly the Breazeale family farm. –IRS EIN# 91-1401169

The Foundation’s mission it to support the work of the Reserve and by that means, help preserve the Padilla Bay estuary. A major resource of the bay is the large contiguous eelgrass meadow; the most expansive in the Pacific Northwest. Valuable habitat for juvenile salmon and crab, a food web for multiple species including bald eagle, great blue heron, hawks & harriers, black brant, peregrine falcon, raven, and hundreds of thousands of waterfowl and shorebirds which visit and reside there annually, this Zostera seagrass expanse is of great ecological importance.

The Foundation is in an unprecedented phase of monetary support of the Reserve’s programs and projects. Over the last 16 years, $430,000 has been raised for capital construction and furnishings for new buildings, research materials, classroom materials, contracted assistants and consultants and for special events support. The Foundation administers the Smith/Aguero Trust Presentation on the Environment each year, and hosts many free-to-the-public events that draw participants from the community. We endeavor to spread awareness of the Reserve’s special significance to the state.

As of 2014, we have established the Coastal Volunteer Partnership at Padilla Bay. We have one full-time volunteer coordinator and 5 vested funders with distinct deliverables laid out within their contracts. We also fund a seasonal education specialist under the Foundation. Our board of directors serves in a volunteer capacity and our 200+ members support us in achieving our aims. We welcome any questions you may have about our organization. In accordance with IRS rules, all donations are fully tax-deductible. We thank you for your interest in the valuable work we do to support the Reserve.

2017 Board of Directors Members & their affiliations are listed as follows:

Rebecca Spurling – President. Lead Environmental Engineer, Tesoro Refining & Marketing Co.
Andrew Entrikin – Vice-president. Communications for Port of Skagit County, Burlington, WA.
Connie Walser – Secretary. Educator in the Burlington School District.
Deb Canon – Treasurer. Deb is a CPA with Metcalf Hodges CPA’s of Bellingham, WA.
– The above listed comprise the Executive Committee –

Paul Dinnel – Past-president. Doctor of Marine Science, retired – Shannon Point Marine Center
Glenda Alm – Retired US Forest Service Interpretive Guide.
Nate Biletnikoff – Environmental Manager Shell Puget Sound Refinery, Anacortes, WA.
Ed Gastellum – Retired National Park Service employee.
Mary Heath – Retired from a career in education, active volunteer.
Tim Manns – Tim has recently retired from a long career with the National Park Service.
Gail Smith – Retired Attorney at Law.
Katrina Poppe – Wetlands consultant Northwest Ecological Services, Bellingham, WA.

Also advising –
Terence Stevens – Director, Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Kay Reinhardt – Foundation Administrator

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