Inspired by Guana Tolomato Matanzas Reserve

Colleagues at Guana Tolomato Matanzas Reserve,

It’s great to know you are strategically planning as a well rounded team. We at Padilla Bay Foundation are committed to a retreat for re-purposing; utilizing funds we were awarded in a grant administered by the National Environmental Education Foundation in sync with Toyota Motor Sales of America … “Every Day Grants”. A small purse, but specifically for use in capacity building of the awarded non-profit.

After a decade of fund raising to help grow the Padilla Bay Reserve’s facilities, we are working with our Reserve Director, Terry Stevens, as well as leads from Research & Monitoring, Stewardship Coordination, Education Coordination, Coastal Training Program and Facilities Maintenance to identify areas of need as the budgets both nationally and at state-level shrink. We are embarking on a new era of support for the Reserve with a different focus. One of our achievements is in having garnered financial support to underwrite the costs of an all day Research Symposium to be held a week from today. A long overdue undertaking.

We will have 100 guests here to listen to 12 presenters having done research at Padilla Bay as well as a keynote speaker. We will undoubtedly have some citizen scientists in the audience. Everyone is excited to be sharing the nuanced work being done in the bay with the community.

I send along my best wishes for the GTM Reserve to reap the benefits of the foundation and volunteer group’s heartfelt work on its behalf. I’ll report back on our plans for a board retreat when they gel.

You’ve inspired me all over again!