Jack Nisbet lecture was a smashing success!

At least 85 visitors were our guests for an amazingly interesting lecture by Jack Nisbet, Saturday the 22nd.  Earlier, 30 lucky people accompanied Jack on a walk identifying flora on the upland trail of the Reserve grounds.  The Foundation also held a book sale and signing event after.  Several of Jack’s titles were on offer and lots of books went to happy homes.  We wish to thank our co-sponsors:  Edna’s Neighbors and the Salal Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society.  Delicious home baked cookies provided by Edna’s Neighbors were featured on our light refreshments tables.  We are so glad to have the support of these many participants.  Our hat is also humbly off to Humanities Washington for the grant award we shall receive post event.  We would also like to point out that our book distributor, Partners West, made us a gracious offer of being able to return books if we wished to do so.  They provide a generous non-profit wholesale price as a baseline as well.  We thank them too!  Readers of this post, take note:  David Douglas: A Naturalist At Work, the exhibit at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, is extended through May 2014.  This goes hand in hand with Jack’s body of works on David Douglas.  Enjoy if you go!