“Padilla Bay Foundation Summer Newsletter”

May. 2020                                                                                                                         


 What a difference a few weeks make.  Instead of the excitement of all the fun things that always happen this time of year at the Reserve, like you, we have been “Staying Home-Staying Healthy.” However, we are still busy working on important projects and making good progress on key initiatives. Some of these include the touch pool delivery, designing and printing our new Foundation brochure and fleshing out our strategic plan.  

BIG NEWS!  The touch pool is HERE! It was delivered in late April and was gently moved into the barn for safe keeping. We had hoped to move it directly into the new addition of the Interpretive Center, but the ground was a bit too wet to get the forklift and its precious cargo over the lawn. Once sunshine reappeared in early May the touch pool was placed on custom-made dollies and gently rolled into the new addition. Next, the building contractor will button up the last of the construction, and the aquarium crew from Tenji will be on site to install the life support system. It won’t be long before salt water will be flowing and sea life added. For sure there will be celebrations, hooplas, unveilings, and other great events surrounding that – but when?  Well, just stay tuned. 

The 2020 Taste of Padilla Bay extravaganza that has long been planned for this August is on hold until more is known about the lifting of “Sheltering in Place” restrictions. Of course, the main concern is for health and safety. Will it be a gala event for 200, something completely different, or merely postponed to another time? We are in a “wait and see” mode. Stay tuned about that too!

During the “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” mandate, the buildings at the Reserve have been closed.  Kay Reinhardt, our Administrative Officer, has been working from home with some capability to come into the facility for essential work. Board and committee meetings are held virtually via SKYPE, Zoom and Webex. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?! We’ve been working on a strategic plan, finalizing next year’s operating budget, preparing to migrate to a new constituent management database, and much more. 

New Foundation board members! Brian Brady, Ph.D., Biology and Nutrition Department Chair at Skagit Valley College  has a long history of personal and professional involvement with the wonders of our environment and natural world. He is excited to bring that to the benefit of us all.  Kati Collins, V.P. and Branch Manager at Banner Bank looks forward to using her skills and experience to help plan, promote, and implement Foundation events and activities.  Welcome, Kati and Brian!

A new brochure.  After many years of valiant service, the old Foundation brochure was retired. A new brochure with a fresh message, including our newly adopted mission and vision statements, recently rolled off the press. As able, we will be getting these out and in the hands of members, visitors and prospective donors. Good work, Communications Committee!  

Your donations and memberships help make the difference.  You recently helped Madi McKay, one of the Reserve’s AmeriCorps recruits, to cover some expenses to apply and prepare for her upcoming graduate studies. Madi has been working on the invasive Batillaria Snail research project in the mud and eel grass of Padilla Bay and  has created informative presentations and materials for the Salish Sea Stewards Training program and for the Reserve’s “Kids on the Beach” program.  You can watch a presentation here.

The Padilla Bay Foundation’s mission is to seek and provide supplemental funding to support the research and education activities of the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.  Grassroots involvement of our members is the core of the Foundation’s commitment to protecting our estuaries and supporting the Padilla Bay Reserve. Members of the Foundation contribute directly to environmental education and research at Washington State’s only National Estuarine Research Reserve – one of 29 in the nation. Please consider becoming a member or making a donation to help support our work, at the JOIN US page on this website.  

Would you like to share your talents and skills to support the programs of the Reserve? Foundation members and others within the community are invited to help the board pursue its goals and initiatives by serving on a committee or taskforce. Please contact us if you’d like to offer your ideas for improving our website, communications, gift shop merchandising, and fundraising efforts: foundation@padillabay.gov

Thank You All – the Padilla Bay Foundation Board of Directors and Staff