Purple Martins along the shining shores of Padilla Bay & beautiful Barn Swallows here at the Reserve!

We have some visiting Purple Martins along certain edges of Padilla Bay.  They may also be in the forests nearby using woodpecker homes they have found vacant.  Some of them are in little houses put up some time ago, that a kind assistant has recently cleaned for their use this season.  This is along private property, so the location is not disclosed here, but a link to Cornell University’s All About Birds site is included below.


A beautiful watercolor of the houses is shown, furnished to us by our dear neighbor Nancy Liggett.

Here at the Reserve, please come visit and scope out the Barn Swallow nests you will find around the campus.  They love the breezeway leading into the Interpretive Center and of course they  have a wonderful series of meadows to hunt within … acrobatically snagging small bugs out of the air.  Their calls are delightful!  You can search the Barn Swallow information at Cornell by following this link:

http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/barn_swallow/Purple Martin houses summer 2014