Tell Congress you LOVE your estuaries Feb. 12-14th!

Use this link: to navigate the “By Friends, For Friends” blog site with resources you can use to find the right mechanism and message for a Valentine To Congress expressing your love of our national wetlands and your citizen support for tax funding of their continued restoration and preservation.  There are 28 National Estuarine Research Reserves in the US with a 29th soon to be officially designated on Oahu, Hawai’i.  Please go to:  NOAA – Reserves System and navigate to see them all and their physical assets’ characteristics.  Our national non-profit NERRA along with 2 other important conservation agencies launched this love letters to Congress project last year and it was an unequivocal SMASH success.  There are template documents, sample tweets, where to designate and by when advice within the By Friends, For Friends blog.  In non-profit training it has continually been stated, that government does listen to its citizens, when they speak up in numbers.  It can take as few as 10 letters of support sent to a legislator on a specific topic to make that representative keenly aware of an important issue in their district.  Imagine what 1000′ + 1,000’s can do?  Help us to help our leaders choose well on behalf of wildlife, clean water, coastal resiliency, recreation and jobs … by helping them see we love these special and vital assets and that Cuts Break Our Hearts!

Love Is The Answer!eelgrass heart