Your donation makes a difference


Your contribution gives the Foundation the broadest flexibility to put your donation to work where it is most needed at the Reserve.  Examples of prior needs:

  • Scholarships for research and education interns
  • Building expansions and remodels
  • Furniture for the Guest House and Stevens Center training room
  • Operating expenses for the Foundation office
  • Maintaining the research buoy
  • New science equipment for the research lab


Your donation enhances the Reserve’s education programs that make the magic of the estuary ecosystem come alive.  More than 10,000 school children, teachers, and public community visit the Reserve for FRE classes and esperiences.  Your support helps fund:

  • Busloads of school kids for “Mud flat Safaris”
  • Hands-on, research-based science education
  • Teacher training on climate change
  • New science equipment like microscopes
  • Quarterly community education classes
  • Hiring seasonal educational assistants


Your donation goes directly to the Skagit Community Foundation (SCF) in the name of the Padilla Bay Foundation (Foundation.)  The principle becomes the legal property of and managed by SCF to support community needs within Skagit County.  Annually, SCF determines what percentage of earnings the Foundation can opt to withdraw or roll over into the principle.  Historically this is 2% – 3%.  To learn more about SCF go to their Website.

TOUCH POOL “Touch Pool design and manufacture by TENJI, Inc”

Your donation to the Touch Pool fund will help make a new exhibit a reality.  The Reserve has received a federal NOAA grant to expand the aquaria room to create space for a new touch pool exhibit.  To qualify for the grant the Foundation has pledged a matching $150,000 contribution.  Thus far we have raised $127,000.  A contractor has been selected for the project and work will begin early in 2020, with an expected completion date in late spring of 2020,  Help us meet our goal of $150,000.