The Magic of “grass-roots” support



As a member YOU make things happen – like bringing busloads of school children for “mudflat safaris,” purchasing microscopes, building the touch pool exhibit, and so much more!

Without your annual membership fees all this would not be possible.  A huge shout-out goes to our members who have helped to raise over $665,000 during the last 33 years!

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit so your membership donation may be tax-deductible (you can consult your tax accountant).

Joining is easy. Choose the membership level that is right for you! Then push the DONATE button below to pay with Visa or Mastercard.  Or, mail your check (with name and address) made out to Padilla Bay Foundation to the address on the Contact page of the website.

We are grateful for your support! 

Your membership helps to                     Each year you can choose the level
preserve the Padilla Bay ecosystem                that fits your budget!

Kelp, Eelgrass & Pickleweed                                            $35
Herring, Surf smelt & Pipefish                                         $50
Helmet, Dungeness & Red Rock Crabs                             $75
Herons, Brandt & Dunlin                                                $100
Salmon, Rockfish & Sole                                                $300
Osprey, Redtail Hawks & Bald Eagles                            $500
Octopus, Oysters & Clams                                           $1,000
Harbor Seals, Porpoise & Orcas                                  $5,000 (Lifetime Member)